Family Barn

Title: Family Barn

Description: The family barn online game allows you to manage and grow a family barn to enjoy a great country life. This game is one of the free online Facebook social games that attract thousands of users monthly. So, how do you play this game?

This game needs you to create fields and open spaces in the court for cultivation of your crop or construction of your barn.

Once you have the open space, use the move button to arrange your court by moving trees, animals, machines and decorations where you want them to be situated.

You will need to construct a storehouse to keep your machines, decorations and animals.

Use the selling button to sell any item you have on the court. Selling is not always recommended because it gives you a loss.

When you decide to sell, use the House-Storage button to dispose of single items or multiple items.

The shopping cart/store button allows you to buy anything you want including seeds, trees, animals, devices, materials, buildings, fertilizer, automation, scene, ponds, farm expansion, and decorations.

Use the 'help your neighbors' button to fertilize their farms and earn points! When you water the plants of your neighbors regularly, they will definitely reward you.

You can only extend your court upwards, right or left. The courts cannot be plowed for planting. You can only use them for placing animals, trees and buildings. You are allowed to plow a court that extends downwards, left or right. After plowing, you will have to buy seeds and trees to plant, harvest your crop and sell it for more profit.

You will choose what to plant which will include clover, radish, lavender, grape, pasture, corn, cucumber, carrot, tomato and many more.With the Expansion of the farm button, you can purchase new farmland where you can grow more crops and expand your farmland.

As you progress, you will be rewarded more points for experience. Use ranch coins you get to upgrade your barn. Remember, when you invite friends to join your network on social media, you will get free daily gifts to expand the family barn.